blood thinner bracelet for women-Fashion small Figaro 6.5-8 inch adjustable medical alert bracelets


Material: stainless steel with blue plating, lead-free and nickel-free, hypoallergenic, waterproof,a comfortable and beautiful female medical alert bracelets
Width 0.19 inch Figaro chain with a shiny medical id plate has Laser engraving:BLOOD THINNER
Bracelet length = 6.5 inches + 1.5 inches extended chain, adjustable range = 6.5-8 inches, suitable for most women’s wrists, closed by lobster clasp, safe and convenient to use!
Wonderful design, small, exquisite, light weight, no pressure on the wrist, an octagonal hanging double-sided engraving medical alert symbol with red Enamel,
indicating the medical alert characteristics of this bracelet, is a beautiful jewelry, it is also a A solid medical alert bracelets!
Beautifully packaged, whether for personal use or as a gift for loved ones and friends, it is very suitable if you need a medical alert bracelet

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A stylish stainless steel medical bracelet designed for women, just 0.60 inch width Figaro chain with shiny, ideal for women’s slender wrists.

As a piece of jewelry for everyday use,

And because hanging a red medical alert symbol and engraving applicable medical conditions, to provide security for you at the crucial moment,

you don’t have to endure wearing a boring and cumbersome bracelet for medical alert needs! A bracelet, while satisfying your pursuit of fashion, also meet your needs for medical alert!
Stainless steel is now considered to be the most suitable for the manufacture of medical alert jewelry,
Because it is easy to shape, does not fade, easy to engrave, firm and long service life!

A rare and beautiful medical alert bracelet is waiting for you to take home, it will provide you with protection and win a lot of praise for you! absolute!


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